Welcome to my corner of the World Wide Web. Here you will find some plaintext info about me. (Will look nicer when I actually have time to make a website)

I'm a developer from Europe, 20 years old, doing mostly Minecraft stuff and currently studying Computer Science at a university. I mostly code in Java but I have used Kotlin for some projects recently. I have always been interested in computers and have been programming since 2013. I am self-taught and consider myself a fast learner and quick to adapt to different work styles when need be. My choice for IDE is IntellijIDEA Ultimate, as it offers endless features making my life easier. I don't have much time for personal projects sadly, but you can see them on GitHub. I speak proper english and even though it is not my primary language and pronunciation of some words is hard for me, I am yet to meet a person who couldn't understand me. I regularly use TeamSpeak and Discord and have a decent microphone. My interests are about networking and all there is to it and I have also started being interested in Machine Learning.

A list of skills/tools/technologies I have used: (Rating yourself isn't easy so take this with a grain of salt) This website was last updated on Jun 2, 2019